Find out how Zattoo reduces their carbon emissions

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Reduction Measures taken at


Climate Action at Zattoo

Forging our path to climate-neutral television

Streaming video content is becoming ever-more popular. The amount of data generated for streaming requires high volumes of power. This means that streaming generates CO2 emissions. As a TV streaming provider, this applies to us too. Yet, it's not only streaming that generates CO2, but also our company's operational activities. We know that we can contribute to the preservation of both our climate and our planet. We feel that we, as a company, are responsible for taking action.

Our CO2 Footprint

With the assistance of ClimatePartner, a carbon offset solutions provider, we apply all our data to accurately determine how much CO2 our company generates. This calculation is an essential step towards defining further measures for the reduction of our consumption. We produce around 692 tonnes of CO2 every year. We intend to reduce our CO2 consumption in the long term.

A data center in a wind turbine

Since 2020, one of Zattoo’s data centres has been located right inside a wind turbine. With the windCORES project of the wind farm operator Westfalenwind, we’re not just relying on renewable electricity from wind energy. The data that is generated when streaming via Zattoo runs through our own data centre, located right inside a wind turbine. This project is a real innovation and the first of its kind in the world.

Supporting certified carbon offset projects

What we don't save through reduction, we offset 100 percent with carbon offset projects, which are an important contributor to combating global warming. Together, all of us Zattooies decided not only to support climate offset projects worldwide, but also to support the people on the ground. That's why Zattoo supports the reforestation of German forests and the "Plastic Bank" project, in which people in Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines can exchange collected plastic waste for money, food or drinking water at local collection points. CO2 is offset by a wind farm project in the Philippines and an internationally certified forest protection project in Brazil.

What every (digital) company should do to fight climate change

We teamed up with climate experts and scientists to find out what we, as the digital industry can contribute in the fight against the climate crisis. Learn more about effective climate measures for digital companies.

Do your part, take action and accelerate the transition.

The climate crisis affects all of us and we can all contribute in the fight against it. It’s not enough to point at politicians and businesses and wait for change. It’s on us to increase the pressure and actively push for change. We vote with our daily consumption choices, our political voices and our personal investments. Check out our tips for effective personal climate action and contribute in the fight against the climate crisis.