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We encourage organizations to take climate action. By making their efforts transparent, we inspire others to follow!

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We have joined LFCA and used their platform to successfully measure our emission outputs

First, we decided to donate to to offset those calculated emissions. Now can now officially be called a climate neutral company for now! However, we decided to switch our hosting and use a server located in Frankfurt that is 100% green powered. We just switched to sustainable banking on Nov 11th, 2020 (SEB). We will absolutely not be traveling at all, as a company, (as policy) unless it is done via train or public transport and will only use our platform for conference meetings. We will support any climate strikes during work hours (paid) and will only offer vegan/vegetarian food to our staff. Additionally, we have discussed how to be sustainable in our home/offices and have a plan in place to ensure we focus thoroughly on this. We have also an assigned officer that will update and monitor improvements and call out regressions in order to ensure our goal of being climate neutral is met and remains.

Secure, simple and encrypted video conferencing

We created a secure and easy-to-use video conferencing platform that puts our users integrity first and we never have access to your realtime conversations or communications. Our secure, simple and encrypted video conferencing features white-labelling, branding, streaming and an API. Our mission is to simplify secure communications and never turn users into a commodity or collect any personal data.

100% White-label solutions for Enterprises

Why not market your own brand with every meeting you schedule? We provide a true white-label system, that uses End-to-End encryption, to help enterprises, organisations and individuals requiring secure, simple and encrypted video conferencing, streaming and communication services.

What every (digital) company should do to fight climate change

We teamed up with climate experts and scientists to find out what we, as the digital industry can contribute in the fight against the climate crisis. Learn more about effective climate measures for digital companies.

Do your part, take action and accelerate the transition.

The climate crisis affects all of us and we can all contribute in the fight against it. It’s not enough to point at politicians and businesses and wait for change. It’s on us to increase the pressure and actively push for change. We vote with our daily consumption choices, our political voices and our personal investments. Check out our tips for effective personal climate action and contribute in the fight against the climate crisis.