ten23 health

Climate Action at ten23 health

Introducing ten23 health

ten23 health®, located in Basel, Switzerland, and its affiliate, Swissfillon, located in Visp, Switzerland is the human-centric and sustainable strategic partner of choice for the pharmaceutical industry and biotech start-ups: we develop, manufacture, and test tomorrow’s medicines. We support our clients in developing differentiated, stable, usable, and safe injectable treatment options for patients. ten23 health combines the latest scientific findings with our proven and tested world-class industry and regulatory expertise to forge new paths for supporting our clients. We provide our innovative services in a fair and sustainable manner, respecting people’s health and the future of our planet.

Our commitment: Planet

We embed fairness and sustainability (fairstainability) in all our practices and decisions. Sustainable practices include the selection of products and raw materials from suppliers who respect sustainable practices. We are committed to optimizing processes to minimize energy consumption and waste, and to encourage the use of recycled and sustainable materials. ctions to reduce these emissions. We mandate ourselves to offset any unavoidable emissions, in partnership with certified organizations. And we kindly ask our partners to collaborate with us in our vision of a fair and sustainable world. We also support our employees in reducing their carbon footprint: we support our employees in using public transport and provide bike benefits, supporting health and helping reduce emissions. We minimize travel, promote public and other sustainable ways of transportation by e.g. bike benefits and embrace a digital workspace.