Serviceplan Group SE & Co. KG

Climate Action at Serviceplan Group SE & Co. KG

Climate-neutral in 2020

For 50 years, good has not been good enough for us. As the largest owner-managed agency group in Europe, we also strive to be a pioneer when it comes to sustainability - economically, ecologically, and socially. We and our entire team are now implementing concrete climate protection measures - not out of a pure sense of duty, but out of conviction.

We meet digitally

About 25% of our trips are made for internal meetings. We have therefore adapted the Serviceplan guidelines and will hold all future internal meetings across our locations using video conferencing. The same applies to all external meetings with suppliers and service providers or initial applicant interviews. We are also increasingly trying to hold client meetings via video.


Free rental bikes are available to all colleagues at the locations. Our company cars can also be used privately, which can make owning a car unnecessary. There is also an allowance for public transport tickets under certain conditions.

Office supplies

We only order office supplies in consolidated orders to avoid unnecessary transport routes. Our printers are also filled with recycled paper and purchased according to ecological criteria.

Office space

Our entire power supply is based on green electricity and we carefully separate our waste.

Food and drinks

Only Fairtrade coffee and tea from sustainable cultivation are used in all coffee kitchens. In the cafeterias we do without plastic dishes and cutlery and increasingly offer regional organic products.


Biodegradable cleaning products are used in the restrooms, including toilet paper and TORK paper towels with the ECO label, which are completely recycled and reprocessed in other forms.

Sustainable Cases

We know that sustainable behavior is just as important for consumers as it is for us as an agency group. That is why we support our clients in successfully communicating their sustainability initiatives and measures.

We travel by train

Five short flight routes within a radius of 400 kilometres, such as the connections Munich-Frankfurt-Munich and Vienna-Munich-Vienna, can no longer be booked in our travel tool. Instead, we are changing to train connections. In 2019 alone, we covered such short distances 562 times by plane. Next year we will save 150t CO2 without these flights.

We drive hybrid or electric vehicles

With emissions of almost 300t CO2 per year, our vehicle fleet is a significant factor in our CO2 balance. By 2023, we will therefore switch completely to electric and hybrid vehicles.

The climate report creates transparency

From 2021 we will publish an annual climate report. It will contain all important information on the status of our sustainability measures as well as detailed emission values and future areas for optimization.

Our employees can inform themselves directly

Campus events, training courses and our own platforms with tips on CO2 reduction support our employees on their way to a more sustainable work and lifestyle.

Our annual events are becoming climate neutral

We offset emissions caused by events by supporting climate protection projects and thus contribute to achieving UN sustainability goals and global climate protection targets.