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Welcome to Seeds

Seeds is an environmental Financial Technology (FinTech) mobile application that allows you to invest in renewable energy projects through crowdfunding with as little as your spare change. Seeds aims to create the financial network of people for climate action, helping achieve the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. Seeds directly addresses 5 of the UN SDGs: #7 Affordable and Clean Energy #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth #9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities #13 Climate Action

About Us

Seeds was born after joining the Global Climate Strike organized by Fridays For Future in September 2019. There, we realized that our collective power can make a difference. We believe that by working together our impact can be exponentially amplified. This is how crowdfunding can be used to finance the energy transition. A transition that involves and benefits everyone. Join us in our fight for a more renewable and sustainable future!