Find out how PooPick reduces their carbon emissions

We encourage organizations to take climate action. By making their efforts transparent, we inspire others to follow!

Reduction Measures taken at


Climate Action at PooPick

Responsible business travel

We always look for phone or video calls, instead of a business travel. If it is necessary to meet in person, we use the train with highest priority. If it is not possible to avoid a car, we compensate all driven kilometers.

100% Renewable Energy

Our company runs on 100% renewable energy.

Offset the private footprint of your employees

We measure our individual personal footprint and compensate them.

Responsible Supply Chain

We produce our climate neutral paper PooPicks in Germany. They are handcrafted in a workshop for handicapped persons. We are sending all packages with DHL go green, meaning that the packages are delivered climate neutral. For sold products, we plant trees in addition, to become climate positive in total.

What every (digital) company should do to fight climate change

We teamed up with climate experts and scientists to find out what we, as the digital industry can contribute in the fight against the climate crisis. Learn more about effective climate measures for digital companies.

Do your part, take action and accelerate the transition.

The climate crisis affects all of us and we can all contribute in the fight against it. It’s not enough to point at politicians and businesses and wait for change. It’s on us to increase the pressure and actively push for change. We vote with our daily consumption choices, our political voices and our personal investments. Check out our tips for effective personal climate action and contribute in the fight against the climate crisis.