Climate Action at Phiture

About our Green Team

As part of our commitment, we’ve put together a Climate Team, tasked with the mission to reduce our impact on the climate as a business, and to make sure that we compensate our CO2 emissions with certified carbon-offset projects and internal initiatives. Spearheaded by a group of volunteers from various departments, the Climate Team sets goals for the company and co-ordinates resources and initiatives to achieve these goals, together with senior management.

Becoming more sustainable

Each year, we offset out carbon footprint for the previous year by investing in different carbon offset programs that meet the requirements for the United Nations' SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals), and every year we try to make these contributions more meaningful. Full disclosure: As a consultancy with international clients, we are required to take flights from time to time to other parts of the world. We’re working hard to reduce the number of flights we take, but also to improve other aspects of our business model, right down to the types of food we consume in the office.