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"Nichts auf der Welt ist so mächtig wie eine Idee, deren Zeit gekommen ist."

Frei nach diesem Zitat von Victor Hugo machen wir uns stark für die Ideen einer intelligenten Kreislaufwirtschaft in Wirtschaft & Gesellschaft. Wir holen Lösungen auf die Bühne und sorgen dafür, dass sie gehört werden. Das machen wir on- wie offline. Der Leitgedanke ist simpel: Eine Wirtschaft, die nach Kreislaufprinzipien funktioniert, beendet die Ressourcenverschwendung. Sie legt den Grundstein für ein nachhaltiges und zukunftssicheres Wirtschaften, das Unternehmen auch auf Dauer wirtschaftlich gedeihen lässt.

"There is nothing in the world as powerful as an idea whose time has come."

Based on this quotation by Victor Hugo, we strongly promote the ideas of an intelligent circular economy in business and society. We bring solutions to the stage and make sure that they are heard. We do this both online and offline. The guiding principle is simple: an economy that functions according to circular principles puts an end to the waste of resources. It lays the foundation It lays the foundation for a sustainable and future-proof economy that allows companies to thrive in the long run.

What every (digital) company should do to fight climate change

We teamed up with climate experts and scientists to find out what we, as the digital industry can contribute in the fight against the climate crisis. Learn more about effective climate measures for digital companies.

Do your part, take action and accelerate the transition.

The climate crisis affects all of us and we can all contribute in the fight against it. It’s not enough to point at politicians and businesses and wait for change. It’s on us to increase the pressure and actively push for change. We vote with our daily consumption choices, our political voices and our personal investments. Check out our tips for effective personal climate action and contribute in the fight against the climate crisis.