Climate Action at Kreatize

Germany's first CO2-neutral digital procurement platform

We reduce our CO2 emissions as much as we can, support projects together with our partner ConClimate that extract CO2 from the atmosphere or reduce its emissions, and in the medium term become CO2-neutral ourselves without compensation.

Calculating CO2 emission of each custom part with an internally developed algorithm

We have developed an algorithm that calculates the CO2 emission of the production of each component ordered from us. This takes into account raw material production, machining (milling, turning, cutting, 3D printing), transport and logistics. The calculation was certified by our project partner ConClimate. Since we are currently not yet able to completely reduce our CO2 emissions, we compensate the remaining amount through external climate protection projects and thus become CO2-neutral in our calculations. The compensation results in the "real" price of the custom part, which we pass on to our customers.