Inven Capital

Climate Action at Inven Capital

Investing in green technology

At Inven Capital, we invest in green technology startups that fight climate change with their products and services in the most responsible and respectful to our planet manner. And we as a firm want to lead by example.

Carbon footprint reduction and offset

We reduce our carbon footprint by incorporating a responsible travel policy (train over plane where possible), using 100% renewable energy, using local catering, printing on recycled paper, providing filtered tap water instead of bottled water in our offices and many more. We also encourage our employees to behave in an environmental-friendly way in their private lives and share best practices. We are a carbon neutral company. We offset our carbon footprint with our own hands by local tree planting in the Czech Republic in cooperation with a non-profit organization Sázíme stromy.

Sustainability Clause

We have joined forces with leading European venture capital firms and introduced a “Sustainability Clause” in our new term sheets and shareholder agreements. By doing so, we want to amplify our contribution to climate protection through our portfolio companies and set an example for other start-up ecosystems and industries. The clause requires companies to measure their CO2 emissions, to implement reduction measures and implement measures of carbon offsetting. In addition, the clause also includes the sensitization of employees, partners, suppliers and customers to climate protection.