Find out how HomeToGo reduces their carbon emissions

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Reduction Measures taken at


Climate Action at HomeToGo


The HomeToGo team cares: about their people, customers and the environment. HomeToGo is proud to be part of the Leaders for Climate Action and a certified ClimatePartner. HomeToGo continuously tracks and offsets its greenhouse gas emissions by supporting Para Brazil, a forest protection program, in their commitment to remain a climate neutral company.

About HomeToGo

HomeToGo: a company built around the idea of making it easy to find the perfect accommodation for any trip. Since its founding in 2014, HomeToGo has evolved to be the world’s largest vacation rental search engine, comparing over 18 million offers from more than 2,000 trusted partners. HomeToGo employs more than 250 people and operates 43 websites, including brands such as Tripping, Wimdu and CASAMUNDO, across Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia-Pacific.

What every (digital) company should do to fight climate change

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The climate crisis affects all of us and we can all contribute in the fight against it. It’s not enough to point at politicians and businesses and wait for change. It’s on us to increase the pressure and actively push for change. We vote with our daily consumption choices, our political voices and our personal investments. Check out our tips for effective personal climate action and contribute in the fight against the climate crisis.