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Climate Action at evolvT


Sustainability-focused courier solutions. evolvT is the first ecosystem of tools that enables couriers to gain a competitive advantage through efficient sustainability.

Social & Climate Sustainability

evolvT empowers independent couriers to collaborate directly with e-stores. The solution causes both climate and social positive changes. In order to differentiate, couriers adapt to operate with electric vehicles and showcase transparent, fair working conditions. E-stores can then brand their sustainability commitment by associating with sustainable parcel distributing teams. The air in our cities receives less CO2 with this business model and the margins allow for fair work conditions.

evolvT Operates Climate Neutral

evolvT's mission is to change logistics for good and in that process, the company’s commitment to sustainability is key. If convenience is too cheap to be true, someone in the chain is paying for it - the cost does not disappear, but it transfers to the least vocal. That is why it was a given that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are so well integrated into the company’s sustainability framework. The main priorities are: • SDG 8 sustainable economic growth and productive employment • SDG 13 tracking and reducing GHG, using electric vehicles instead of ICE • SDG 9 sustainably connecting communities • SDG 7 energy efficiency based business model • SDG 11 SMART solutions, smart grid, and smart cities • SDG 12 operating with electric vehicles, helps us avoid 3.5 tons of CO2 emissions per month #RaceToZero

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