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Eurobattery Minerals AB joined forces with hundreds of others to take immediate, collaborative, and transparent action to fight climate change.

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EuroBattery Minerals
As for enabling responsible mining as a key part of the battery value chain, with focus on ethical sourcing and traceable battery minerals, the mining company is convinced that the benefits of this is not only to provide a safe and sound work environment for miners and enable sustainable mining. It’s also a clear business benefit to provide ethical and traceable battery minerals as all major automotive manufacturers, and their customers, are increasingly demanding increased transparency from the mineral providers. Eurobattery Minerals is open to look at different business models such as partnerships or joint ventures whenever it is commercially appropriate.
European mining equals sustainability
Responsible and sustainable mining not only forms the foundation of Eurobattery Minerals’ entire business model, it also represents a key a priority for the European mining industry. The stringent regulations for mining in Europe, together with its work environment laws, mean that mining operations conducted in this part of the world are positive for the climate and people. Moreover, several different collaborative projects are underway in Europe to further reduce the industry’s climate impact in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For Eurobattery Minerals, sustainability includes all aspects of the concept; the environmental, social and economic perspectives. Specifically, it concerns conducting operations while taking into account environmental considerations and social responsibility for employees and people who live and work near mining sites.
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Action Pillars

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With focus on simplicity, our action pillars help companies prioritize what matters.
Step Up
Assume climate leadership by publicly commiting to 1.5°C ambition and making an assesment of your emissions, resources, and influence.
Take immediate action to reduce emissions in your own operations and value chain to “zero” – or as close as you can get.
Embed climate considerations into every part of your business, from products and services to long-term strategy.
Use your social, financial, and political power to become an proactive agent of change.
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