Climate Action at Connox

We are carbon neutral since 2019

In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we offset our total CO2 emissions and support a wide range of nature conservation projects in Germany, Brasil, and Nicaragua. Thus, you buy carbon neutrally at Connox. But we also know that the goal should be to produce as few emissions as possible. That is why we have taken the following measures:

We focus on sustainable products

We give priority to brands that are committed to environmental protection. For example, Mater has designed the Ocean series, a collection made from recycled plastic from the sea. We Do Wood works with wood plantations, whose bamboo is grown without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilisers. Other particularly sustainable brands in our range include TipToe, Nobodinoz, Form & Refine, Montana, nanimarquina, Elvang Denmark and Paper Collective.

We work daily to improve

The road to sustainability is long - and we know that we are only at the beginning of what we want to achieve. We have made the responsible use of our environment and resources our guiding principle. Our goal is to reduce Connox's CO2 emissions as much as possible and to preserve a sustainable planet. To achieve this, we are guided by the Green Pledge of the Leaders for Climate Action.

We pass on returns

We will never destroy any goods that have minor defects and are returned. In order to avoid wasting any resources, we always put usable products to a second use and return them to the social second-hand department shop fairKauf eG. We are also working on a concept for the fundamental avoidance of returns, in which customer advice is our first priority.

We work paperless

In the Connox office we work largely paperless in all areas. Whether invoices, notes, holiday administration or documents for meetings and presentations - all documents are digital. Unnecessary printouts are always avoided.

We are "Entrepreneurs For Future"

We have signed the statement by Entrepreneurs for Future and are actively committed to helping the economy drive faster climate protection. Together, our employees take part in global climate strikes, for which they are regularly released from work to protest for environmental protection.

We drive electric vehicles

In the beginning of 2020, our company fleet was completely converted to electric vehicles. Whenever the use of motor vehicles is necessary, we move electric on the roads.

We avoid flights and car trips

All employees are provided with tickets for public transport. This way we avoid the daily journey to work by car. We also avoid all domestic flights. Whenever possible, we take the train to external business meetings, trade fairs and conferences.

We work in modern office buildings

In 2016 the Connox office moved into a new, ultra-modern passive house in the city centre of Hanover, which is supplied according to the latest standards. In our warehouse in Langenhagen, we use green electricity. We also pay attention to the small things in everyday life, for example, we have water dispensers instead of plastic bottles. Sustainability also plays an important role in the construction of our new warehouse. For example, the entire roof of the 50,000sqm hall will be equipped with solar panels. This will allow our new logistics centre to generate even more electricity than is needed. Charging stations for e-vehicles are also being planned.

We accept the challenge: The last mile

As an online retailer, shipping accounts for a large proportion of our emissions. Despite our growth and more goods shipped, we have been able to reduce the share of our outbound logistics in our total CO2 emissions. When shipping, we make sure to use as little packaging material as possible. We mainly use paper filling material and avoid plastic wherever possible. Until now, large items were shipped on disposable wooden pallets, which had to be disposed of by our customers. In order to offer a more resource-friendly and practical solution, together with our partners from the industry we have developed alternatives made of cardboard, which our customers can return to the recycling cycle. We also only send invoices digitally. Deliveries sent by Deutsche Post or Swiss Post are already climate-neutral.

We take producers to task

Many our more than 34,000 design articles are already produced sustainably. Unfortunately, not all of them yet. That is why we are currently working intensively on examining the supply chains. By 2021, we will draw up an agreement in which all suppliers will commit themselves to appropriate wage payment, exclusion of child and forced labour, rejection of discrimination, healthy working conditions and transparency of trade routes and pricing.