Brightpoint Group

Climate Action at Brightpoint Group

We are a carbon neutral company. We offset our carbon footprint by reforestation in Bavaria, Germany in cooperation with ClimatePartner. Further, we reduce our carbon footprint by incorporating a responsible travel policy, providing our employees with public transportation tickets, using local catering, providing filtered tap water instead of bottled water in our offices, reduce paper usage and shipping by using E-Signature platforms, encouraging refurbished hardware usage and many more. We also encourage our employees to behave in an environmental-friendly way in their private lives and share best practices.

Who we are

We are an innovative financial service and investment firm with different business areas, built on the holistic approach of customized solutions for alternative investments. The group of companies is a platform for individualized investment structures and closed financial products, as well as services provided with know-how, experience and best technology. The group is divided into two operating business segments: Brightpoint Services and Brightpoint Capital with offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Luxembourg.