Climate Action at BLACKROLL

We are climate neutral

We are a climate neutral company. And all our foam rollers and fascia balls made of the material EPP are also climate neutral. Because we want to take responsibility, make our contribution as a brand and support the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Our ultimate goal is to reduce emissions in the future and, where possible, to avoid them altogether. Wherever this is not possible (e.g. production, logistics, office), we offset our emissions through climate protection projects.

Made in Germany

About 96% (as of 2019) of our products are made in Germany. We put great importance on long-term partnerships and work with companies that share our values and have overlapping principles when it comes to high performance.

Our product standards

We set high standards for our products - after all, you should be able to enjoy them for a long time. We pay attention to responsible production in order to create a sustainable harmony between people and the ecosystem.

We pack environmentally friendly

We have identified packaging materials as one step in our journey to complete carbon neutrality. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is produced 100% climate neutral. We eliminate plastic one-way packaging elements where we can.