Discover how SpinLab is taking climate action

SpinLab joined forces with hundreds of others to take immediate, collaborative, and transparent action to fight climate change.

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About SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator
SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator supports innovative start-up projects in the implementation and growth of their plans. In addition to intensive coaching, the start-up teams benefit from a top-class mentoring program and numerous contacts with investors, established companies and other founders. They can use a modernly equipped co-working office on the creative site of the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei and gain access to various technologies from partners. Even after the end of the program, the selected start-ups will receive support in areas such as personnel recruiting, can plan their expansion through an international exchange program, and will have the opportunity to rent office space directly adjacent to the SpinLab. The founders can use all offers free of charge and without participation when they join the 6-month program. Further information can be found at:
How we live sustainability at SpinLab
SpinLab has a very clear vision towards sustainability. Not only do we want to be climate neutral, but also contribute with our choice of startups to address climate issues. This means that we take a close look at what the startups offer as a solution to make our world more sustainable. Being a role model for our teams, we certified as climate neutral and compensate for anything we need to do to keep business running – always with the awareness of what we could cut off. This means that we reduced all unnecessary travels, compensate for our train rides, prints we urgently need, etc. However, we do raise awareness and support our employees to take action by visiting climate strikes, having a minimal printing policy, using time switches for our work space cycling to work or taking public transport (90% of our team does, the other 10% use an electric car occasionaly). We also added a tree planting campaign for our ambassador program – learn about it here:
Disclaimer: Companies are responsible for the actions they are reporting. If you spot claims that seem wrong, get in touch with us and we'll forward your request:
Action Pillars

Raising the bar on climate leadership

With focus on simplicity, our action pillars help companies prioritize what matters.
Step Up
Assume climate leadership by publicly commiting to 1.5°C ambition and making an assesment of your emissions, resources, and influence.
Take immediate action to reduce emissions in your own operations and value chain to “zero” – or as close as you can get.
Embed climate considerations into every part of your business, from products and services to long-term strategy.
Use your social, financial, and political power to become an proactive agent of change.
Willst du, dass dein Arbeitgeber mehr fürs Klima tut?
When employees speak, companies listen! Make your voice heard and advocate for bold climate leadership by sharing SpinLab example inside your company.