Finde heraus, wie NWB Verlag die eigenen Emissionen reduziert

Wir ermutigen Unternehmen, Klimaschutzmaßnahmen zu ergreifen. Indem wir ihre Bemühungen transparent machen, inspirieren wir andere, ihnen zu folgen!

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NWB Verlag

Climate Action at NWB Verlag

Statement of CEO, Dr. Ludger Kleyboldt

"At NWB, we have already been proactively committed to corporate climate protection for many years through measures such as the GoGreen shipping of our products, the use of certified recycled paper and the creation of digital products, among many others. Our strategic goal is to record and understand our own climate impact along our value chain and systematically reduce it on the basis of this, and to consistently compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions in order to operate in a climate-neutral manner."

Protect resources, reduce CO2 emissions.

At NWB, we are aware that the earth's resources are limited and that we must respect planetary boundaries in order to maintain livable conditions for all. Therefore, we have the ambition to actively conserve resources and to contribute to a sustainable and regenerative use of resources. For us, this also means that we are actively committed to climate protection and understand and reduce our climate impact along our own value chain and consistently compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions.

Climate-neutral print products since 2020

Since 2020, the NWB Verlag has been consistently using climate-neutral print products and has thus achieved another milestone in deepening its contribution to climate protection. Together with ClimatePartner - one of the leading organisations for corporate climate protection - the NWB Verlag has for the first time made its entire print products climate neutral for 2020 and 2021. In order to provide customers with the opportunity to track how and where the CO2 offsetting has taken place, every NWB print product will carry the ClimatePartner label "climate-neutral print product" from 2022 onwards.


Our NWB Sustainability Report makes the progress we have made in the past two years for more sustainability at NWB in the social, ecological and economic areas transparent. True to the motto: NWB Goes transparent! As in previous reports, this report has been written in accordance with the 20 criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK for short) - a recognized German reporting standard for sustainable business management. This report also describes our achievements for climate protection in detail.

Was jedes (digitale) Unternehmen tun sollte, um den Klimawandel zu bekämpfen

Wir haben uns mit Klimaexperten und Wissenschaftlern zusammengetan, um herauszufinden, was wir als digitale Industrie im Kampf gegen die Klimakrise beitragen können. Erfahre mehr über effektive Klimamaßnahmen für digitale Unternehmen.

Leiste Deinen Beitrag, ergreife Maßnahmen und beschleunige den Übergang.

Die Klimakrise betrifft uns alle, und wir alle können zu ihrer Bekämpfung beitragen. Es reicht nicht aus, auf Politiker und Unternehmen zu zeigen und auf Veränderungen zu warten. Es liegt an uns, den Druck zu erhöhen und aktiv auf Veränderungen zu drängen. Wir stimmen mit unseren täglichen Konsumentscheidungen, unseren politischen Stimmen und unseren persönlichen Investitionen ab. Schau Dir unsere Tipps für einen wirksamen persönlichen Klimaschutz an und trage zum Kampf gegen die Klimakrise bei.