Discover how bluplanet is taking climate action

bluplanet joined forces with hundreds of others to take immediate, collaborative, and transparent action to fight climate change.

bluplanet is the leading digital marketplace and reseller for cloud solutions from Salesforce, AppExchange and beyond. Whatever size your business, we have specialized solutions to support the capabilities your business most needs to thrive and grow. Based in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, whether remote or in the office - our team is augmented by an ecosystem of great partners that provide specialized expertise. We invest in and support business whose great ideas will make the world a better place.
How We Live Sustainability At bluplanet
The radical speed, scale, and effect of a myriad of new social, political, and environmental factors is prompting executives to reimagine success and purpose in a new context. Sustainability has become an integral part of our everyday life and we believe businesses are the greatest platforms for change. Besides tackling internal measures, we want to communicate our sustainable journey as transparent as possible to inspire other businesses to change their way of working for a better tomorrow.
Disclaimer: Companies are responsible for the actions they are reporting. If you spot claims that seem wrong, get in touch with us and we'll forward your request:
Action Pillars

Raising the bar on climate leadership

With focus on simplicity, our action pillars help companies prioritize what matters.
Step Up
Assume climate leadership by publicly commiting to 1.5°C ambition and making an assesment of your emissions, resources, and influence.
Take immediate action to reduce emissions in your own operations and value chain to “zero” – or as close as you can get.
Embed climate considerations into every part of your business, from products and services to long-term strategy.
Use your social, financial, and political power to become an proactive agent of change.
Willst du, dass dein Arbeitgeber mehr fürs Klima tut?
When employees speak, companies listen! Make your voice heard and advocate for bold climate leadership by sharing bluplanet example inside your company.