Climate Action at alley

About alley

alley is a Cologne-based start-up on a mission to improve patient experience and to pioneer value-based healthcare in Germany. We develop digital solutions to ensure optimal medical care, for a better quality of life. For us, health is based on more than just the absence of disease. Not only the social but also the ecological determinants of health play a central role in our work. The team behind alley brings together perspectives and years of practical experience from medicine, neuroscience, psychology and rehabilitation, computer science and mathematics, economics, and social sciences.

Our sustainable vision

As a team dedicated to developing quality-driven healthcare solutions, we are also committed to planetary health, because if the planet is sick, humans can't be healthy! Climate change is already having a serious impact on the health and lives of millions of people worldwide. Without clean air, clean drinking water, and adequate food, our health is at risk. That is why we need to develop an awareness of the consequences of our behavior. It is time to join forces - as companies, as actors in the healthcare sector, and as individuals. Sustainability for us is more than minimizing our negative impact. The key lies in maximizing our positive impact.

Our sustainable mission

Let´s talk less and act more! For our sustainability mission we created a dedicated team, which mirrors the different perspectives and backgrounds. Our sustainability team acts as an ambassador for regeneration and positive impact both throughout alley as a community and a company. Next to reducing our carbon footprint by conscious business travel, vegetarian catering, and sustainable office products, our main goal is to learn together and empower everybody at alley to use their voice and create a positive impact. For us, every step counts! Our goal is to make our planet a little better, every single day.